domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012

It smells like... marijuana?

For people like me, and I believe there are in the world two or three people like me, even if they are dead or arrested, daylight saving time (DST) is good for only one reason: walk at the timeless sunset.

I was at home with nothing to do. Actually, I had billions of uninteresting things to do, but I was unwilling to do.

So I decided to enjoy the end of the day (once in DST it lasts about 24 hours - ok, maybe 1 or 2 hours longer than usual) to run a little.

There is a square near my house, which belongs to the local university. It's a nice and wooded place. People walk with children and dogs on leashes. But not all children use leashes.

It was almost 7 pm when I got there. Two laps walking, two laps running, until my body reach the limit. No iPod, no cell phone, no watch. My only concern was the continuing and deep breathing, an inheritance of the few yoga classes.

But spending all this time just breathing made ​​me reflect a lot. First, what is my physical limit? I thought I could walk until I fainted, but I gave up the idea because I was already hungry and I could not wait who-knows-how-long to wake up and eat again. Am I using proper T-shoes or even a nun would be better dressed than me to walk 8 km? Perhaps the time to stop is when scissors and needles seem to be fighting in my right kidney (I guess we have two kidneys, right?). The major point is that my body does not seem to know how to say no. It's the kind of body that even when it has multiple organ failure, yet not say no.

So, much as I thought and breathed the only available air in the square, which was not exactly great, but I really needed it because I'm not accustomed to running daily, the smell of grass and rain was substituted by a smell of... marijuana.

Oh yes, this is the right time to stop running and go home.

There is a quote, credited to Einstein, that says: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

I would say that life is really like riding a bicycle. To not feel tired, you have to stop for a moment and rest.

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